Thursday, August 4, 2011

Journal from One Sheet of Paper

I needed a journal for a personal project. The project wouldn't be large so I didn't want to go and buy a journal to work in. So, I made one following Teesha Moore's instructions. She used one sheet of Fabriano, but I didn't have that kind of paper so I used a sheet of Arches Text Wove. Since the ATW wasn't the same dimensions as the Fabriano, I had to fudge things a bit. I sewed the pamphlet from the outside so I could hang some doodads from the tails. The journal is 7 1/2" x 10" with a few pages that fold out to flaps, with plenty of room to work in.

What are you working on today?


  1. I'm working on novella 3 of four today.

    Was up to milk the chickens this morning, but blood test and mammogram are done! :)

  2. I am working a presentation piece for a firm. I noticed after I finished the majority of the lettering and trying to centre the bit to be gilded that I had placed the crest about 1/8" off centre. With everything in place, it is really noticeable. Back to the drawing board. Good thing I have lots of paper!
    Oh, btw, mammogram is tomorrow! so looking forward to that. Just because of one dumb benign lump years ago, I have to go straight to diagnostic, no mere screening for me. I swear they squish harder.