Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Night at the Movies A to Z

R is for revenge in Run Silent, Run Deep an action packed underwater Moby Dick story. A year after skippering a desk after his first command is sunk, hard bitten Commander Richardson (Clark Gable) is given another chance to command the sub USS Nerka.  Command of the Nerka was supposed to go to its XO, Bledsoe (Burt Lancaster). Richardson pushes his crew to the brink of mutiny as he pursues the Japanese ship he believes sunk his first sub. Taking the boat into the Bungo Straits, a submarine graveyard, Richardson gets to confront his white whale unaware of a greater danger to his command. Over look the fact that both of the major stars are a little long in the tooth to play their roles, the acting is superb in this gripping tale.

Edumacate me. What's your favorite movie that starts with the letter R?


  1. Hitchcock's REAR WINDOW or Akira Kurosawa's RAN would be my picks for R starting films.

  2. Rio Bravo. And Rio Lobo. And Rio Grande.