Friday, August 12, 2011

The Friday Five

I found this beach meme at The Queen's Meme

1. When was the last time you saw the ocean?
Two years ago we took a day trip to Misquamicut in Rhode Island

2. What is your favorite stretch of beach?
Long Sands in York Beach, Maine.In my twenties, I spent a lot of summer weekends there. Very happy memories.

3. Are you planning a beach vacation?
Nope, no time.

4. Bikinis or one piece?
At this stage, a burka is best for all concerned.

5. Do you sunbathe or sit under an umbrella?
In my young days, I used to deep fry myself in baby oil. We didn't know any better. Now, I opt for the shade.

Wanna play?


  1. Fun!

    1. A few years ago when we visited Florida.

    2. The rocky coast along the west side of Split Rock on Lake Superior.

    3. We're making plans to visit Florida again in a few months.

    4. Muu'muu'

    5. Shade!

  2. 1. 2009

    2. my fave ocean beach is near Gold Beach, Oregon

    3. no beach vacations planned, but since family lives in Oregon, we always manage to fit in a few beach days when we get out there.

    4. burka, funny! Personally I wear clamdiggers or shorts.

    5. Always been a shade girl.

    And I'm happy to never have seen a shark while at the beach, especially your pic. We have went to the beach for whale watching a number of times to watch the whales migrate, that's always cool.

  3. The shark is a pic of "Bruce", the great white shark from the movie Jaws. The pic was taken on the Universal City tour (1980, I think)

  4. 1. Pacific at Christmas in Hawaii.

    2. No favorite. Any beach relaxes me, so long as it is empty or nearly so.

    3. heck no.

    4. one piece

    5. don't sunbathe, but don't sit around either. (Does that make sense?) Maybe a little of both. Either way, coated in sunscreen and with a hat.