Friday, August 19, 2011

The Friday Five.

Yesterday was our 26th. wedding anniversary. Five things from our wedding day.

1. My mother made the bridal outfits for the little bears that were used for our cake topper.  The cake displayed at the reception was made from plaster of Paris.A chocolate sheet cake was cut and boxed for guests to take home.

2. It was so hot in the church, Himself couldn't slip the ring on my finger because my fingers swelled up like little Vienna sausages. I took the ring and turned slightly so the guests couldn't see, and jammed the ring on my finger.

3. On the way to the reception, a couple on a motorcycle waved at us and gave us a thumbs up.

4. The church where we were married had the bricks on the front facade pointed. I was hoping the ugly scaffold would be down by the wedding since local boy and football hero, Doug Flutie, was getting married the week after us. Scaffolding didn't come down before our wedding. Didn't come down for Doug's wedding either.

5.  We share our wedding date with a famous actor's birthday. Can you guess who?


  1. Happy Anniversary! :)

    I had to scroll through a list of celebrity birthdays to search for the right one.

    Figured it wasn't Jada Pinkett Smith. Or Dennis Leary, though he's a Wistah boy.

    Think I found the right one though...1937?

  2. My anniversary is 18. August and so is Robert Redford's birthday

  3. And thank you for the anniversary wishes

  4. Alles Gute! Did you and himself do anything special? Do you still have the bears?

    Let me just say, you've weathered the years much better than said actor! ;)

    (He was good in his day, but WAY too much sun damage!)

  5. Danke, Fraue. We did do something special. We bought some new electronic toys and the new dishwasher arrived on Wed. Yes, I still have the bears. Evidently, you didn't go snooping around when you visited. They are in the china hutch. As to Mr. Redford. Deep sigh, he did lose his pretty boy look (though I think that's what he wanted to achieve.)