Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Belted By Solar Rays - Part 2

Recap: The key to my parents' house wouldn't work. Wouldn't turn left. Wouldn't turn right. Couldn't get in through the garage or the bulk head. I just wanted to get in do a little more sifting and sorting and get out. I left restrained  "I'm not happy" voice mails on Himself's cellphone and office phone. I also sent an email for good measure.

Meanwhile back at the college, Himself was about to show his chemistry students a video demonstration. All his materials are housed on a virtual classroom site. For some reason, the video wouldn't  run. No problem. He had saved the link to the demo in an email. He called up his email and this is what appeared on the projection screen for all to see:

I hate the effin weeble* house! The effin key doesn't work. I made an effin wasted trip. I couldn't even break in through the effin garage!!

Call me when you get this

Me not happy

Imagine Himself trying to close the preview pane as quickly as possible. He didn't hear any giggling and he's not sure if people weren't paying attention to the screen or didn't know what to make of it. He called up the video link and went on with class as if nothing happened. He was embarrassed. I thought his reaction was hilarious.

*weeble: used to describe old people as in the Fisher-Price toy: weebles wobble but they don't fall down.


  1. Well it was probably an ice breaker for his class!...brilliant story thanks so much for sharing, it gave me a giggle at least!

  2. Oh dear, that's awkward!