Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I've been using Ancestry.com to piece and research my family. While searching for information about my great uncle Manny, I happened upon another family tree that had "my" Manny listed. How could that be? The researcher for the other family contacted me, and we swapped some information. Turns out, my great uncle Manny was her great grandfather. Uncle Manny was married and had a son. His wife died a year or two after their son was born. Manny later married my great aunt. His first son was raised by other relatives but kept in touch with Manny's wife and children after Manny passed.

Yesterday, I sent the information about Manny's son and the eagle. She had heard he worked on the eagle and fountain, but didn't have any proof. She had seen the article about the fountain and knew the eagle was at Boston College.  She told me she showed the photograph of the eagle to a cousin of hers. The cousin's husband told her he knew the fountain, and he remembered seeing the eagle while he was on a job at BC. Turns out, the photograph was taken the day her husband was working at BC. His truck is in the background! Coincidence or not?