Friday, January 27, 2012

The Friday Five

This little gal was one of the treasures in Ma's curio cabinet. Five things I love about the little fishie

1. She is cute in an ugly sort of way or ugly in a cute sort of way depending on your point of view.

2. She always made me smile

3. She made her appearance at all the holy day of obligation ( family holidays) or other events.

4. Imagine her with toothpicks studded with black olives and sweet gherkin pickles as she graced the table

5. My job was to skewer the olives and pickles and arrange her "scales"

But now what to do with her? She has only sentimental value even though she is some 60 years old. The holes aren't big enough for pens, nibs or brushes. Other than a dust collector, any ideas on how to repurpose her?


  1. I'm not sure where you find 'em, but get a roach clip on a stick that will fit in one of her holes and make her a memo holder... I agree with you, there's just something about her. (If you want to class her up, find one of those photo circles... but I kinda like the idea of the roach clip. ;) )

  2. Or, along the same lines as Nutterone suggested....get some wire (that will fit in the holes) and make picture holders and display your favorite candid 'snaps'.
    (a couple of links to illustrate what I mean.)

  3. I thought of a photo holder too. I would take a large paperclip and bend one arm out to stick in the holes.

    Never seen something like that before, very interesting.

  4. How about to sit in your curio cabinet and make appearances at HHD's and hold olives and pickles...with the side benefit of making your grandkids smile. :)