Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Are You an Egg?

Then why do you use the default egghead shape as your profile photo on LinkedIn?

When I see the egg, I'm not inclined to make a connection. The egg tells me you don't really care about the site. A friend probably sent you an invite, and you felt obligated to bang something up. You may pop in from time to time, but you're not serious about networking through the site. That's ok. Maybe you should delete the account, but you may miss a valuable opportunity.

Stop being shy and bust out of your shell. Upload a picture of your smiling self to use as your profile photo. You don't have to use a head shot. How about a picture of you in your favorite chair or location? Or your favorite pair of shoes? Just put up a picture that identifies you as a real person and not an egg.


  1. I agree. I rarely follow eggheads. :)

  2. Okay, now I have to go investigate what the h**l you are all talking about! LOL