Friday, December 28, 2012

The Friday Five

I love gadgets. When Lysol came out with the no touch soap dispenser for the kitchen and bath, I thought I'd give them a try.

1. I love the clean lines of the dispenser. No ugly bottles on the counters. The soap dispenses without dripping so no mess from wet hands or soap residue on the counter.

2. The bathroom and kitchen dispensers are slightly different shapes. Which means...

3. The soap refill from one won't fit in the other dispenser. Really Lysol? The kitchen dispenser matches the decor better in my bathroom. Soap is soap.

4. The refill bottle doesn't have a removable cap. You have to buy the small Lysol refills which can be more expensive than buying a larger bottle of soap and refilling the dispenser. That really bites, Lysol.

5. An easy fix to avoid having to buy the refill bottles: when the bottle is empty, drill a hole in the top. Using a funnel, you can refill the bottle with your favorite soap.

Have you bought a product or gadget you've been less than thrilled with?


  1. I have the kitchen one. I love not having to touch my soap dispenser. I agree with you about it being annoying that you can't refill it. I may eventually drill a hole in mine.

  2. I’ve gone through about five Scrubbing Bubbles automatic shower cleaners! I’ve now officially cried ‘uncle’ and given up. I like the idea of them if they would only last/work/not die!