Thursday, December 27, 2012

Boston Public Library eCard

Wolfram von Eschenbach (c. 1170 - 1220)
While hanging out at the New England Genealogical Historical Society, a couple of weeks ago, I stumbled on a link to obtain an electronic library card from the Boston Public Library (Massachusetts residents only). Big deal, right? Yeah, a very good, big deal. With the electronic card, I not only can I download and read e-books, but I can access The Boston Globe newspaper archives to look for wedding, birth, and obituary notices all from the comfort of the dollhouse.

If that's not enough excitement, the e-card is good for two years. The e-card can be upgraded to a genuine Boston Public Library card. All one has to do is visit one of the branches present a picture ID to prove you are a Massachusetts resident. Still not enough of a big deal?

The library card is the golden ticket to access the Rare Books and Manuscripts department. To be able to see first hand samples of medieval writing up close and personal gives me chills. I'll be planning another trip into Boston, soon. Anyone want to tag along?


  1. I’ve always had a special feeling for my library card. Ever since my father told me it was a magic carpet that could take me anywhere in the world I wanted to go. I wish I was closer I’d go with you!

  2. I would go if only I could digitally transport myself!