Tuesday, January 5, 2016


A week before Christmas, a gentleman contacted me for a special commission. He had written a declaration of love to his fiancée and wanted it scribed as a gift. At first, I was worried he wanted it for Christmas because that wasn't going to happen. Fortunately, he wanted it for 4. January, her birthday.

His text was long ( letter height at 1/8 inch) and worked out to fit a 16 inch x 20 inch  sheet of Arches Text Wove as he wanted to roll it as a scroll to present to her. The Text Wove is a soft paper and could be rolled without creasing. Color palette was blue, green, and pink gouache with a blue illuminated initial on a gold ground (Schminke Gold Perl watercolor)  and a vine with suitable decoration.

I'm always a little nervous delivering these works. Have I correctly interpreted the writer's vision? Will they like it? Art is so subjective. The gentleman was very pleased and complimented my work. I'm wearing two cowboy hats today.


  1. Oh, CJ, that is beautiful. You do such good work. And what a lovely idea for a gift.

    1. Thanks, Sandra. It's a very romantic gesture.

  2. Just think, generations to come are going to cherish your work! And some future archaeologist is going to wonder who the scribe was! That's awesome!