Sunday, January 31, 2016

Seasonal Tree

It was snowing, and I was bored. I was in desperate need of color. Reading through my blog roll, I found some happy looking 3D hearts. Perfect and I had a ton of scrap paper so I made a dozen or so. And then tried to find a place to put them.

Several years ago when I was making Christmas ornaments for craft fairs, I had Himself help me make a crazy Dr. Seuss-ish tree. I thought it would be perfect in the front window. That space looked rather bare now that the Christmas tree was gone.

A leftover candy cane striped bow would make an excellent topper. The hearts looked a bit lonely. Out came some curling ribbon. Better, but not quite there, yet.The spun tin, icicle ornaments missed being put in the Christmas box as well as some of the skater ornaments Ma made as shower favors when I got married. Ta-da! Festively decorated for February.

And now working on the theme for March.


  1. So pretty! :) (even though I hate Valentines Day!)

    1. Then think of it as celebrating the Feast of the Lupercalia! :-D