Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Essential Oil Storage Dividers

I keep my essential oils in a Sterilite Stack and Carry 3 Layer. I only use one box without the lid, though if I need to travel and take all my oils with me (not likely), the lid does fit.

The problem is without some sort of a grid or holder, the bottles shift around. I was looking at wooden storage boxes, but they can be expensive. On a search, another user found foam inserts, but the shipping cost was almost as much as the foam. Also, the company either went out of business or changed their domain name as the page is no longer found.

Last week, my essential oil order arrived. There was a sleeve around the box to keep the box from opening. The sleeve length was the perfect size for the Sterilite case. The stock was stiff. Not as heavy as corrugated cardboard, but a bit heavier than cardstock. Perfect.

Using a paper cutter, I cut the sleeve into 1 inch strips to fit inside the box horizontaly and vertically. With a pair of scissors, I partially cut each strip at 1 inch intervals. The strips were notched together to form a grid. which can hold 48 bottles. Ta-da! The oil bottles fit neatly inside. Won't rock and roll when the case is removed from its hutch. I can also alphabetize the bottles so oils are more easily found. Maybe not the prettiest of solutions, but it works for me.

How do you store your essential oils?