Monday, January 18, 2016

New Printer

Lately, my little printer left me frustrated. It seemed like every other month, I had to buy new printer cartridges. It felt like the ink was dry right out of the package. I was whining about this to Himself. He said he heard an ad on the radio for an Epson printer where the ink lasted for 2 years. No way!

He stopped at Staples and way! Epson had a line of Eco Tank Printers. The printer runs off of a 4 color (CMYK) refillable ink tank. The ink is supposed to last up to 2 years. 4,000 black and white pages or 6500 color pages, according to the specs. I had to see this.

We looked at the Epson ET line. It's an all in one printer. Wireless. That's a plus. I won't get kicked off my machine when someone else needs to print something. Mobile printing which means a document or photo can be printed from a smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world. Cool!

There were two models ET-2550 which also had a slot for a memory card. Nice feature. It was also a copier and scanner. The other model, ET-4500 also functioned as a FAX, didn't have the memory card slot, and yielded the same number of pages per ink. Both were moderately priced and Staples offered a $50 rebate on both models. The 4500 display panel was larger, and that was a good feature for old eyes.

Since we don't have a landline anymore, and we never could get a FAX to run off it even when we did, I decided the smaller, and slightly less expensive, ET-2550 would work well. The printer was light enough for me to carry. Set up was a piece of cake with easy to follow and clearly explained instructions. A CD was included for installing drivers and firmware. This also made it easy for others to install the printer on their laptops so they could print from remote areas of the house. The test print was crisp and the colors looked true.

Staples also took an old, color laser printer I had for recycle. I was sorry to give that printer up, as it printed beautifully. Canon in their wisdom never offered drivers for it when Windows upgraded to version 7. The printer was just languishing in the basement collecting dust, and could only function as a giant paper weight or a boat anchor. Yeah, it was that big.

So, if you're tired of constantly replacing ink cartridges, check out the Epson Eco Tank System to see if it answers your prayers. And (sadly) I'm not being paid to endorse the Epson printer.  (-;