Friday, March 11, 2016

The Friday Five Good Things

Five good things that happened this week

1. I won a 20 drop sample of an essential oil playing a game with an essential oil group I belong to on Facebook. I got to pick the oil I would like to try so chose Ylang Ylang

2. The Eldest doesn't like Italian sausage, but the rest of us do. Since she was going out with friends, I made sausage and gravy (pasta sauce for you non-Italians), rigatoni, and I baked Italian bread. A heavenly meal.

3. I took a play day and went to vist my friend, Teague. We went out to lunch and since the day was nice, we took a very long walk through Hopedale Parklands. Then we treated ourselves to a chocolate cake roll because we deserved it.

4. Wednesday we broke weather records as temps soared to 70 oF. I hope this means sun room season will be starting earlier this year.

5. Warm temps have made the crocus pop a month early. I found a clump on the edge of the driveway where I never planted crocus bulbs.

 How was your week?


  1. The crocus are beautiful! My week was good. Kid's on the mend, writing going well, and it's Bball tournament season. :D