Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Little Princess Goes Slumming

Casey's Diner is a landmark in Natick. It's one of the oldest operating diners in Massachusetts. I grew up in Natick. I walked, rode my bike, drove by Casey's a million times, but never ate one of their famous hotdogs. I never ate there at all.

While on Spring Break, I asked Himself if we could go to lunch at Casey's. He was surprised I had never eaten there, but understood the reason. Not Our Food. That was my dad's phrase. The only place he liked to eat was Ma's home cooking. We rarely ate out at a restaurant, and never take out food. Well, not in the sense most people think of. We had take out food. When my grandma or aunties came to visit, they would bring bags of food. Home-made macaroni, bow cookies, pizzelle, sesame seed cookies , pastries from Mike's Bakery

The sunny, yellow diner with pretty flowers in window boxes is small. There's a sliding wooden, pocket door in the center and then you're standing at the lunch counter. There are a dozen or so stools to sit at. There's also an order window to place your order outside and go.

I'm not big on hotdogs, I prefer a good hamburger. I almost changed my mind and ordered a hamburger when I saw a beefy cheeseburger on the grill. There area also other sandwiches and an assortment of pies.

The hotdogs are steamed, just the way Himself likes them. Served on a soft, hotdog bun with condiments underneath the hotdog. Himself got the all-around which is yellow mustard, relish, and onions. I just got mustard and relish. The hotdogs are good. They have a natural casing which snaps when you take a bite.

It's not a typical Little Princess place to eat. Manly ambiance, no frills, place your order, eat, and get out. It's a popular destination and now I can say, I've eaten there. I also might have to go back to try a hamburger.


  1. It looks charming.
    I'll take a veggie hot dog, please.

  2. How can you NOT like hot dogs? I don't understand. :-/

    1. Ever wonder what they do with the snout, tail, and feet? (-;