Thursday, March 17, 2016

Throwback Thursday

When I was in elementary school, 17. March, St. Patrick's Day meant a day off from school. I went to parochial school, and St. Patrick was the patron saint of the school. We had to go to the 8 AM Mass. The nuns would take attendance.

After Mass, as you left the church and walked by the Mother Superior, you had to say, "Top o'the morn' to you, Sister."

"And the rest of the day to yourself." she would reply.

That meant we were free for the rest of the day. We would go home by way of Sussenburger's Bakery for a doughnut and a cherry tonic (soda) until the bakery closed in the mid-1960s.

Two days later, on 19. March, we'd repeat the process minus the "Top o' the morn'." 19. March is the feast of St. Joseph. He was he patron saint of the order of nuns who taught at the school.

So, Top o' the morn' to you, and the rest of the day to yourself.


  1. And a top of the morning to you:)
    You guys must have loved March:)

    1. It was great. Throw in an early Easter and a Spring snow storm and extra days off. The more you pay, the less you go. :-D

  2. "And the rest of the day to yourself." ;)