Friday, March 18, 2016

The Friday Five Good Things

Five good things that happened this week.

1. Had a great time at Master Beef's birthday party. Tons of food: a Chinese buffet, sushi, sashimi, lots of goodies, and a champagne toast. Grandmaster E also gave out favors in cute red, Chinese food boxes filled with a pen, gumballs, and her out of this world Italian cookies.

2. Had fun with our Pi Day celebration. I love geek holidays. Food, fun, and no gifts

3. The Eldest and I had a Ruroni Kenshin marathon.

4. Art supplies arrived. New toys to play with

5. For St. Patrick's day, he, he Himself cooked the corned beef.

How was your week?


  1. That is a pretty good week! This week I'm thankful for getting lots of writing things done, getting a peek at some new cover art, and the start of March Madness! :)

    1. And Holy Cross made it to the big dance!

  2. #4!!!! Have you heard of 'Art Snacks'? It's a subscription service that sends you a small box of art goodies once a month. The boys gave me a year's worth for Christmas! I LOVE it!

    1. I've seen Art Snacks advertised. Been temmpted, but I already have so much stuff. What have you made with them?