Monday, September 19, 2016

Hi, Ma!

While visiting Boston a couple of weeks ago, I took a walk along Newberry Street. This street, in the Back Bay, is filled with trendy, apparel stores and boutiques. One of the window displays caught my eye, a couple of dozen, old, Singer sewing machines. There was also a sandwich board advertising the Boston School of Fashion Design.

Ma was a seamstress so the sight of all those old Singers made me think of her. Or she sent a message to say hello. She also took a few classes during the late 1970s and early 1980s at the Boston School of Fashion Design.  I was the model for many of her classroom projects. In one class, she had to make her own pattern and then sew the garment. She asked me what I wanted. I was working as a computer programmer/consultant at the time so needed business attire. I asked her to make me a blazer with a Chesterfield (velvet) collar. And she did. A beautiful black tweed blazer with black silk lining, black velvet collar and covered velvet buttons. I can almost fit into it, again.


  1. What a wonderful gift to remember your mom by. I bet you looked/look great in it too.