Saturday, July 5, 2008


Seven things I love about my favorite season: Summer

1. The sunroom. I step into the sunroom and instantly I'm on vacation.

2. The hazy, hot, humid days.

3. The slower pace. No school or school activities to drive to and from.

4. Being able to wear tee shirts and shorts without freezing.

5. Playing on the laptop in the sunroom.

6. Taking a nap in the sunroom.

7. Watching thunderstorms and listening to the rain pelt the metal roof in the sunroom.

What's your favorite season?


  1. Before I moved to MN, my favorite season was spring, but here, spring means mud, cold, slushy snow, icy rain, and did I mention the MUD?

    So now I like fall best. The colors here are amazing, I love getting back into the swing of our schoolyear routine. We have a rhythm to our days that soothes me.

  2. Is it the season or the sunroom that tops that list? I am hard pressed to pick just one season. Hence the reason I like the midwest, we get all four so distinctly. I think however, fall and winter top my list. I love the crisp, cool air and vibrant colors and there is nothing better than a peaceful snowfall... even if you do have to clean it up.

  3. autumn, hands down.

  4. Ah! wonderful summer - my favourite time of the year.

    Spring for the freesia, daffodil and other bulbs, and I can live with the colours of autumn too.

    Winter is my least favourite time.

    from Lee