Thursday, January 27, 2011

Following Directions - Week 4

The last lesson of this class was to "repurpose", to add journaling and design elements to turn the old designs into a new page.

While I enjoyed the class, I'm disappointed with my final project. The gesso wash is an interesting technique and a great addition to the to the library, but for this page, I would have preferred a darker, bolder look. It's been a dark two weeks for me as I try to tame the dragon.

But, this was an assignment. Directions dutifully followed. The main purpose to learn. I have another technique to use if I choose. More importantly, to listen to my inner voice so the creation is more mine than a copy of someone else.

As the late Harry Chapin sang in Someone Keeps Calling My Name, "I may be just four fingers old, but I know what I like."

Do you have trouble asserting your own creative voice?


  1. I'm definitely a directions follower - to a fault, but I'm learning to trust my instincts more and more.

  2. The longer I write fiction, the more I'm learning to trust my own voice.


  3. I start out following the rules.