Monday, July 9, 2012


Found this vase while cleaning at the old homestead. I really like the color and the shape. Doesn't it make a holder for pens, pencils, and brushes?

Do you have a holder for pens and pencils or do you just leave them scattered on your desk?


  1. Yes, I use cool things like that for pencil holders too. My favorite along that line is an old milk pitcher that belonged to my great aunt. I love the color and shape of it. I use it to keep by comb and brushes in. It just makes me happy to see it.

  2. I use Mason jars, coffee cups, tin cans....any ole thing that's handy at the moment I need it! Nothing as lovely as your vase!

  3. Oooh pretty! I leave them scattered. But once I redo my office, I plan to get something snazzy for them.