Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Red Letter Day

Saturday, Himself received a sweet letter from one of his karate students. The little fellow is five years old and is a white belt (rank beginner).

We've translated the letter from H's creative
spelling though karate is spelled correctly :

Hi karate teacher. I am so glad that you are my karate teacher. You are that are best. I love the rules because (I love H's spelling "pcus") they are kindness. I can't believe how much karate you taught me. Well I hope you like knots (names) on the picture under the knots. I enjoy the day. Luv H
H drew and labeled the colored belts he will receive as he travels the (Villari) martial arts path.  Villari's doesn't have a red belt, but maybe the system should.

White, yellow, orange, purple, blue, blue with stripe, green, green with stripe, 3 levels of brown, and 10 levels of black.

Very soon, H will be testing for his yellow belt. H, I hope you never lose your enthusiasm for learning.


  1. There should totally be a red belt. What else would go best with your new red shoes???

  2. Lol Different martial arts systems use different colors. The colored belts are more or less for students to see their progression.

    Some martial arts like judo use the red belt to indicate a master.

  3. Too cute! I love kids and their 'creative' spelling'!