Saturday, October 25, 2008


Was trying to think of a topic so trawled the Internet to get some ideas. Came up with this: 7 things about hand-me downs.

1. Have you ever worn hand-me downs? Yes

2. Where did you get them from? I was 2 yrs younger than my cousin so I wore all her hand-me downs. My aunt used to call me the rag picker.

3. Have you ever given hand-me downs? Yes

4. To Whom? To friends who have children younger than mine.

5. How do you feel about hand-me downs? As a kid I didn't like the nickname the rag picker. As a mom, kids clothes are expensive and kids hardly get to wear some items more than a time or two. So I don't mind accepting hand-me downs from friends or giving hand-me downs to friends. To or from only people I know.

6. Do you frequent yard sales? Nope. I have enough junk of my own without buying someone else's.

7. If you were given $25,000 to purchase furniture for you home would you buy new or an antique? It would depend on what I was looking for. I coveted a cherry pie crust table. If I had the money, an antique. Didn't, so settled for a round cherry tea table from Ethan Allen. On sale!

What's your take on hand-me downs?


  1. Yes on the hand-me-downs, since I have a sister who is 18 months older than I.

    Don't do garage you say, I have enough junk of my own.

    Don't mind getting hand me downs for my kidlets as long as I know the people I'm getting them from.

  2. Yes, got hand me downs and I LOVE garage sales.

    Many of my favorite furniture pieces have been from used furniture stores. Heck, I got 3 solid oak benches that simply had ugly tops for $10. A little padding and fabric and I've got AWESOME benches.

    I picked up ottomans at a garage sale throw away... stripped them down, added new fabric and they are my much desired coffee tables. I have zero qualms about used or hand-me-downs. It's all about seeing potential! (thank you HGTV!)

    There are times when new items are called for... however, there are times, when 'recycled' is exactly what I want...