Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday Weigh-In

Fifteen weeks and I've lost 13 lbs! I was surprised to see I lost one pound this week. This was a very hard week for me. The hungry horrors just seemed to take over. I really wasn't even hungry, just seemed to have a need to shove something in my face. Why do carbs have to taste so good? Why can't carrots or broccoli taste like chocolate or cookies?
Speaking of chocolate, The Young One will be bringing home a case of chocolate bars to be sold as a fund raiser for the Junior/Senior Christmas Ball and the Junior Prom. Deep sigh. Forlorn look. I can see another rough week ahead with candy bars in the pantry.

My new jacket in size medium arrived yesterday. Color me blue like the new jacket. Remember I tried The Young One's jacket on and it fit? My new blue jacket is a little snug through the arms and bust. Seems LL Bean decided to change the style slightly. Why do they do that? Why do they assume every woman wants fitted clothes? I like my clothes to fit well, but I like a little breathing room too. This jacket makes me feel like a sausage.

So I don't know what to do. Do I wait 4 or 5 weeks and hope if I lose another 4 or 5 pounds, the jacket will fit the way I like? I'm not even sure losing a few more pounds will help. Maybe that's punishment for buying clothes made in foreign countries where a size 2 is considered a medium.

If I wait to drop a few more pounds, I might not be able to wear this jacket, but that will put us into late Fall and it gets pretty darn cold here.

Send it back or keep it? Send it back and order a man's jacket? Mens clothes are so much more comfortable. They don't princess seam men's clothes and the manufacturer's don't add lycra spandex to men's clothes either.

So this week's question. How do you handle the hungry horrors? And what would you do about the jacket?


  1. I'm not the one to ask. As soon as I could fit into a medium, I bought them. Sadly, what I learned is not to look at the size, but the fit. Fit is always the most important. Sure, I could wear mediums, but they didn't REALLY fit the 'girls' right, and I was always a touch uncomfortable. Personally... I'd keep shopping until I find the right fit.

  2. yup, get a jacket you can love...and congrats on 13 lbs lost! That's so terrific!

    Hungry Horrors...sigh...try not to give in...try not to give in...repent of giving in, then try not to give in...

  3. Well done cj on the weight loss, I've started writing again but keep it private as most of my friends have left 360, I would leave it too but it's easily accessable for me.

  4. If you find an answer that works for the hungry horrors, let us all know!

    I would probably return the jacket, no guarantee it will fit like you want later and you deserve to enjoy your new size. Keep looking for one you love.

  5. re: jacket. Ditch it. Earlier this summer I bought a bunch of t-shirts with these cap sleeves that I wasn't really fond of but the price was low. The dollar price, anyway. I hated them, felt awkward in them and passed them off to goodwill this week.

    re: weigh-in. I joined WW last week, Thursday's my weigh in day, I'm down the happy first week 3.8lbs. I purged anything "dangerous" from my house. If I'm craving sweet, I grab fruit. If I'm craving salty, airpopped popcorn which is massive in quantity for low points.