Saturday, October 18, 2008


I was trying to decide the topic for today's seven when inspiration hit my mailbox. Seven things in my mailbox.

1. Reader's Digest, along with the nag card that this is my last issue. Dad gives me the digest every year for Christmas.

2. PC World Magazine, along with the nag card that this is my last issue. I renew this subscription every year at the annual school magazine drive fund raiser.

3. Notacheck. The check stub when your pay check is direct deposited. Across the face of the check is printed Not A Check.

4. The Pyramid Collection. One of the catalogs from the mail order house The Eldest works at. I love browsing catalogs and then into the recycle bin.

5. American Girl catalog. It's been years since we purchased Samantha for The Eldest and received this catalog. Hmm, wonder if Land's End or LL Bean is selling mailing lists and I got on this one.

6. Whatever Works, a home and garden catalog. Part of the mail order house where The Eldest works.

7. Young Explorers, an educational toy catalog. Ditto second part of number six

What was in your mailbox today?


  1. Nothing, It's Sunday? However, yesterday I had a movie from Netflix, two credit card apps, 2 political adds and I DID get a check!

  2. Saturday I got two political adds, an add from a utility company, a letter from a professional organization my husband belongs to for the business, and the CBD Gift and Home Christmas catalog.