Friday, October 31, 2008

Seven on Samhain

Out of all the holidays, I think as an adult Halloween is my favorite. A holiday based around candy can't be bad. Dressing up in costume is fun. The biggest appeal is no expectations beyond a bit of candy for this holiday. No huge preparations. And most important no shopping and wrapping of gifts or trying to cope with a gift list that gets bigger and bigger each year.

The only challenge, besides not eating all the Halloween candy before the holiday, is making the costumes. I don't sew. I can do embroidery, cross stitch, needlepoint, and I can sew on buttons. Anything out of that realm is beyond me. Costumes for my girls began with a sweatsuit base. (it's usually cold here on Halloween so a winter jacket could be worn under or over if need be.) and then makeup and the odd accessory made or bought.

In honor of Samhain, seven costumes I put together for my girlies.

At four years old, The Eldest fell in love with Thomas the Tank Engine. I had seen a Thomas apron in a catalog and it was ridiculously expensive. Sewing the apron was beyond me, but not beyond my mother who was a seamstress. I showed her the apron. I embroidered the Thomas face, and she did the rest. I found an engineer's cap and I had a blue bandana. Grandpa found the railroad lantern. A ghostie costume for the three month old Young One was easy, a white nighties, a white bonnet and tiny Halloween socks, a baby gift from a friend.

Kindergarten brought us Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The Eldest just loved those dwarves. Sweatpants, my turtleneck with giant buttons, a belt to blouson the jersey, and a stocking hat courtesy of Grandma. The Young One wore hand me down pumpkin pjs.

Killer bees started with black sweatsuits and bee wings and hats from Oriental Trading Company. Glow sticks were pinned to their backsides for a stinger.

The Eldest wanted to be a fairy. We had a leotard and fairy wings, crown and wand from Oriental Trading. The Young One wore the bee costume again.

While doing some shopping in Wallyworld, The Eldest spotted a pumpkin princess costume and she fell in love with it. Her school was having a costume parade and party. The costume was ridiculously expensive, but how often would The Eldest be 8 years old. I bought it. The expression on her face said it all. Now, at 20 yrs old, she still has fond memories of that costume.

The Young One dressed as our kitty, Mitty. Hooded sweatshirt, sweatpants, mittens and kitty ears, tail and a makeup kit from CVS.

The Eldest wanted to be a hula dancer. A trip to I-party garnered the grass skirt and lei. And so she wouldn't freeze off her coconut mcguffies, a warm sweatsuit in her favorite color.

My piece de resistance was the year The Young One wanted to go as Hedwig the owl from Harry Potter. A children's craft book furnished the pattern for an owl mask which was cut from foam and decorated. A white felt chest plate of feathers for a bit of realism. The hardest thing to find that year was the white sweatsuit.
Any Halloween memories for you? Have a blessed Samhain and a Happy Birthday to Ink.


  1. I don't know what's better the pictures of the girls over the years (yeah, actually) or the costumes... fantastic!

  2. Adorable costumes and adorable girls. I was looking for the toga though. That's the most memorable one for me. :)