Thursday, September 16, 2010

Counting Blessings

Several blogs I've stumbled across have all had the theme of counting your blessings. Not just the big ones of family, home, etc. but the small things that happen along the way. The little things that don't necessarily add up to fortune and fame. It's easy to forget the little percs while gazing over the fence at the neighbor's lush, green lawn.I don't need my muse to hit me upside the head twice.

The small Strathmore Visual Journal will make the perfect canvas. The pages have been painted with splashes of color so I can flip through the book to find the perfect page to go with each blessing. The paper is delicious to work on and 120 colored pencils, I've done died and gone to heaven.

This is the title page. Ziller Glossy Black with a Nikko G nib, Prismacolor colored pencils, Pigma pen.

What small blessing are you thankful for?

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