Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Product Review - SnapIt Screen Capture

I've been asked by Digeus Software to give a product review of their screen capture software, SnapIt for Windows

At first my thought was why do I need special software to do this? All I have to do is push the Print Screen button on my keyboard. The image is copied to the clipboard and then I can import the image to Word or crop the image in a photo editing program (Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, etc.). Most of the time, I edit the image first because the image is huge and I just want a small section of what is on the screen. (An error message I can send to Tech Support)

What's so special about SnapIt? I don't have to go through the image editing step! After clicking the Print Screen button on the keyboard, SnapIt allows me to select only the portion of the screen I want to copy. And with a right-click on the SnapIt camera icon in the toolbar, I can automatically save as a Jpg, Png, Gif, or Bmp format. I can set a properties feature in the program to always save the screen capture as a specified image format (i.e. Jpg) and in a specified folder (i.e. My Pictures) This is a very nice time saver. I copied the SnapIt image using the program.

Digeus Software allows the user a 14 day trial of the program before making a purchase. I always appreciate when a company allows a full working version of the program to be used before I make a purchase. SnapIt was easy to install, and easy to use. The how to use instructions were clearly written on the product description screen.

If you do a lot of screen capturing, I'd highly recommend this program. The program has been marked down from $25.00 to $17.99. The price includes a lifetime license, lifetime technical support and free upgrades. That's a real bargain.

In exchange for my review, Digeus has given me a free copy of the program.

And Digeus is offering readers of this blog a chance for a free giveaway too:

All you have to do is create a review in any blog/forum/twitter/facebook, etc, and contact Julia at Digeus with the link to your review. Tell her you saw the offer here , she will issue you a reg code and name for the program license. How cool is that?


  1. CJ, I also have been approached by Julia about reviewing their product, first thing I did was search complaints against snapIt and Digeous (only found one) but I did find you and your review. I am always leary about putting anything on my computer. Have you had any trouble? Cyndi

  2. Cyndi, thanks for commenting and bringing up a good point about downloading software from the Internet.

    Before calligraphy took over, I was a computer programmer and did lots of testing on software. Several years ago, as a customer, I was a beta-tester for McAfee.

    It's good to be cautious about downloading programs. My background makes me a bit more adventurous.

    I looked into Digeus. Found their download link at PCWorld, and CNet. Now both sites will tell you to be cautious about downloading programs, but both sites won't keep a link up if they get wind of lots of problems or complaints. I didn't find anything heinous about Digeus so decided to take a chance.

    Digeus' program works as they claim. I have not had any problems with my system. Malware and virus scans have been run, and nothing was found.

    As the old disclaimer states: Your mileage may vary.