Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Toy

I decided to update Corel's Paint Shop Pro X2 to X3. This program is what I call a poor man's version of Photoshop. For me PSP is more intuitive and at 1/6th the price, a bargain. Bundle it with Video Studio Pro X3 and it was too good to let go. Corel was also offering a program called Paint It! Takes photographs and instantly transforms them into paintings. You select your photograph, a drawing/painting style: watercolor, pen & ink, pastels (and a bunch more), click start and watch the program transform your photograph. For an extra $10 bucks and free shipping, I had to go to the dark side. Some women lust after shoes, for me it's software, electronics, DVDs...

I used one of the sample photos that came with Windows 7 and applied the pastel style. Ta da! I could even use a pen feature to sign my work. Too fun! Looks like it will be a happy little time waster.

What new toys have you purchased lately?


  1. Great pic!
    This has been an equipment update year in my studio: iMac, MacBook, iTouch, Nook, Photoshop and Illustrator CS4 (just before CS5 came out!). Toys toys toys!

  2. Andy, my eyes just turned green!

  3. I got a new laptop. :)

    Also, books count?

  4. I'm a gadget/tech luster too! I always wondered about this program. Might have to try it!

  5. Well, that looks fun!

    I have an IPad I just bought that I still don't know how to use, really. I'm a little intimidated by it.