Monday, September 13, 2010

Open House

Friday night the Worcester Art Museum held the annual Fall Open House. It's a chance for prospective students to meet the faculty, watch demonstrations, nosh on light refreshments, and sign up for classes.

I worked on a couple of exemplars (this is the better of the 2 I did). Done with walnut ink, a Speedball C-1 nib (what beginning students in class will use) and for fun, I dropped in some Schminke Gold watercolor.  The scan doesn't show  the shine of the gold very well. Looks awesome, if I do say so myself.

I had fun chatting to people while I worked. Makes me laugh when I hear "Oh, I couldn't do calligraphy."  "I'm left-handed so if I can do this, you'll have no problem." LOL

During the lull, I ran up to the lobby to chat and check out the new Strathmore Visual Journal, Andy Fish and his fiancee, Veronica were demonstrating. Was fun looking at Andy's illustrations. The journals are wire bound so they lie flat when opened. The paper is 90 lb vellum. and the journals come in a range of sizes.

C. C. Lowell kindly supplied the faculty with a goody bag of art supplies and a small (3.5" x 5") Strathmore Visual Journal was included. I have an idea for a small journal so spent the weekend happily preparing pages so when the urge to journal happens, I'll be ready to go. The paper is really nice. Takes wet media well and doesn't buckle.

If you're interested in keeping an art journal, but not sure where to begin or want to learn different techniques, Strathmore is offering a series of FREE online workshops! Visual Journal Online Workshop Series Check it out!


  1. Very cool alphabet!

    Did you work on the phrase we laughed over the other night?

  2. Your work is really amazing! I didn't realize that you are a lefty, which makes it even more amazing :)

  3. Aw, Georgiana, with a compliment like that I'll have to wear two cowboy hats. (-: