Friday, September 10, 2010

The Friday Five

Labor Day has come and gone marking the end of Summer. Five things I don't like about this time of year.

1. No more hot and humid days. I was in 7th heaven with the 7th hottest summer on record.

2. No more slow paced lazy days.

3. No more wearing fugly shoes without socks or going barefoot. (Though I don't really like going barefoot.)

4. Ragweed and Goldenrod become the bane of my existence at this time of year.

5. Ink and I are going to miss hanging out in the sun room, making art, watching tv, eating, and napping in our favorite chairs. Only another month or so left to living in the sun room. Soon, I'll be pressing my nose to the glass slider  looking into the sun room and making whimpering noises until April.

Anybody want to add to my list?

Next week: Five things I like about this time of year.


  1. I don't like how short autumn usually is here. It seems like we jump straight from summer to winter.Your sunroom sounds pretty perfect.

  2. I love going barefoot, but I do hate the Texas heat. Bleh...give me Fall anyday!

  3. No complaints here about the fall...that's the season I love best since moving to MN.

  4. The allergies! I hate them. I feel glued to the tissue box. And I also don't like that the spiders find their way inside now. Yuck!

  5. I hate to disagree with you, but fall is my absolute favorite time of year. Crisp, cool, colorful, vibrant, invigorating, sweaters, falling leaves, curling up, NOT sweating, not dripping, wearing clothes, eating soups, cooking and baking, harvesting, gathering with friends on chilly nights and drinking warm beverages... HAVING ENERGY! Wanting to be outside... (because I have the medications that control the allergy stuff.)

    This is the BEST TIME OF YEAR... Now I'm craving warm cider with a cinnamon stick!