Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hurricane Warning

It's been a hectic week so I haven't listened to the news or paid too much attention to the weather. Last weekend, there was talk of hurricane Earl. According to the weather dudes, a huge high bubble was in place that would act as a cushion and push Earl far out to sea. The only effect Earl would have on New England beaches would be high swells.

Apparently last night, the governor activated MEMA the state emergency management agency. Earl is coming up the East coast and will pass 30 miles east of Nantucket as a category 2 hurricane with sustained winds around 100 miles per hour and heavy rains.

What happened to heavy swells? Heavy rains means we'll be manning the pumps in the basement. Heavy rains and winds means the potential for losing electricity which means the basement floods. (On the other hand that would provide the impetus for cleaning out the basement.)

So Weather Dudes, the constant weather updates announcing how close Earl will pass to the Cape and the Islands, how high the surf will be, and how heavy the rains. Is this for real? Or is this a ploy to get people to panic to run out for bread and milk? Do ya'll get a kick back from the grocery stores? (-;

Ma's birthday is today. I was going to stop at the store to pick up a bunch of flowers, a little cake, and lunch items. I hate going to the grocery store to begin with. So today, I'll have to fight my way to the deli counter and hope I can find a pound of bologna?

Guess I should tell Himself to pick up another shop vac as I burned out the big shop vac during the last Nor'easter in March. Bread and milk is the least of my worries.

Do you think the weather hype is necessary or is it a ploy to turn us into Chicken Littles and wipe out the grocery shelves of bread and milk? Oooh, reminds me will have to pick up storm provisions: chips, cookies, M&Ms, Hershey Kisses...


  1. I do all my shopping at 7Eleven so the only weather report I follow is to look out the window-- it's a lot more accurate.

  2. Stay safe! Our weathermen here love to scare us half to death about tornados. I never know when we seriously need to take cover.

  3. I am like a boy scout. I'm always prepared. SO, the weather forecasts don't freak me out. I learned the hard way, but I learned. I hope the basement survives without your efforts.

  4. The weather hype gets on my nerves, too. Sure, we need to prepare, but sometimes they blow this stuff way out of proportion!