Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Today marks the official back to me day. Lately, I've felt like I've either found a rope or I lost my horse as the old saying goes.Today, I have the house to myself as everyone else is at school, and I  can get back to my own routines. For some reason, I can't seem to get things done when the family is around. I've put my desktop to do widgets back in place to help me juggle home, work, and my elderly parents' schedule. Somewhere in there, I need to find time to get back to walking on the treadmill, but right now that's at the end of the daisy chain.

With the Do List in place, I've already crossed 4 things off. How do you keep yourself organized?  Do you use lists to prioritize your schedule? Do you feel insufferably pleased with yourself when you cross items off the list?


  1. Big time list maker. On paper. I've tried several times to move my life onto the computer, can't do it. Love my paper. I've also just discovered that I must have my weekly schedule in a vertical format, anything else doesn't feel right (Virgo much?!)

  2. I love lists...and I've been known to include the item "Make List" on the to do list, just for the joy of crossing it off...

    there's probably a medical diagnosis for this, but for now, ignorance is bliss. :)

  3. Yea, put me in the list club. My family accuses me of having a list of lists, which isn't all that far off actually.

    And yes, I write things on the list that I've done, just to cross them off.

    I live off my lists and my white board. If you want me to do it, it better be written down somewhere.

  4. I. Love. Lists.

    And like Erica said, there is joy in crossing items off! I can't seem to do it on the computer. The same stinkin' items have been on there for a long time. Which reminds me, there's something I gotta do....