Friday, September 24, 2010

The Friday Five

Five things I did on Thursday.

1. Everyday we pass this corner and I keep saying I should take a picture for Laura. Laura, I couldn't find Sam St and Winchester Ave is on the other side of Webster Square.  So this will have to do. There's a frat house on the corner. The Young One pointed out the stone has his favorite dessert. The sigma should be changed to Gimmesome.

2. I drove West, 60.81 miles to Longmeadow to pick The Eldest up at college because she had an orthodontist appointment in

3. Westboro. 70.43 miles East. After her appointment, I drove her back to

4. Longmeadow. Yup, 70.43 miles West.

5. Was on my way home, happily listening to Real Oldies 1250 MHz on the am dial out of Ware (the radio station plays Do-Wop!) when I heard an email ping on Chip. Pulled into the McD's parking lot in Ludlow and saw The Young One needed a ride home early because chorus was cancelled. At the same time, Himself called to say he was leaving work, got the same email from the Young One, but I would get there sooner than he could so. Another 56.87 miles East before turning South 12.78 miles and home. A total of 5 hrs and 15 minutes in the car and 271.32 miles. I haven't spent that much time in the car or that many miles in one day since I was a Road Warrior.

Today, I'm having the car surgically removed from my butt.

What are you doing today?


  1. lolol...surgically removing the car! lolol...too funny! And I love how you call your husband Himself and your child the Young One. AWESOME!!!

  2. Sherrinda, "Himself" is an Irish title given to head of the household/head of the clan. Even though I'm only Irish by marriage, I liked the title.

  3. Ha! Hope your surgery goes well. LOL

    Today is supposed to be record high weather so I might sneak off to the beach with the hubby while kidlet is in school.

  4. Ha! I work from home today. I love work at home days.

  5. So far today I've tried to sleep in and totally failed, and now I'm working out a strategy/goal plan to tackle all the stuff I'm supposed to do between now and...well, when I kick the bucket, I guess. :)

  6. Ok, you know I think that's insane.