Thursday, June 2, 2011

Can You...

Can you trace clockwise circles with your right foot and then draw the number six with your right hand?

I know you want to try it. Go ahead. I'll wait. Ceej hums an earworm ditty: Her name was Lola she was a show girl. With flowers in her hair and her dress cut down to there.

Pretty cool, huh?


  1. I can hardly walk down two steps without tripping. I tried, but there really was never any hope. Lol.

  2. That's totally weird. I can't wait to try this out on my boys. :D

  3. Of course I can do both of those things, just not at the same time. I think I hurt myself trying, over and over again.

  4. I DID IT! I was so proud! But it takes WAY too much concentration! :)
    I'm gonna try that on the kids too.