Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mini Planner

The Young One needed a way to keep track of her hours at work. Scribbling on a scrap of paper wasn't working as dates and times didn't always jive with calendar dates. Like me, The Young One doesn't like carrying a lot of things around, especially a purse.

Having nothing better to do early one morning, I tried to come up with a solution that would be large enough to write her hours down, but small enough to fit in the pocket of her phone case/wallet.

I started with an oak tag. It would be sturdy enough and two oak tags taped together would be wide enough to hold calendar pages and would form a booklet when folded. A scrap of red paste paper I had made was cut and glued to the outside of the oak tags. The calendar needed to be functional, but it didn't have to be dull.  Red is The Young One's favorite color. Calendar pages were reduced to 50% of their size and photocopied.

The calendar pages were held together with tiny brads and glued to the oak tag with glue dots. Using the oak tag holes as a guide, holes were punched into the red paste paper.  Red crochet thread was cut to hold a pencil in place. No excuses about not being able to write down hours.

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