Thursday, June 23, 2011

Counting Blessings

One of my guilty pleasures has been to take a break in the sun room and watch monster movies. TCM has a monster movie marathon on Thurs. night, and sometimes I record those to watch later. Verizon also has a large selection of monster movies On Demand. As a kid I watched a lot of those movies lying in front of the ol' RCA with my face buried in the carpet. since I don't remember a lot of the stories, it's almost like watching the movie for the first time., and this time around I don't have to bury my face in in the carpet.

Do you have a favorite monster movie?


  1. I kinda like "Them" with James Arness.

  2. I watched "Them" two weeks ago. And then freaked when a few of them were wandering in the kitchen! Lol

  3. I **love** horror movies. I think my favorite monster has to be Leatherface. If he doesn't quite fit the monster requirements then I'd pick Alien. Nothing like Ripley battling that giant acid dripping beasty.