Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Night at the Movies - A to Z

One of my favorite movies, Kiss of Death, a film noire classic starring Victor Mature and Richard Widmark in his screen debut role.

Nick Bianco (Mature), a small time jewel thief is doing time in Sing Sing. The Assistant D.A. wants to cut him a deal if he'll turn evidence against Tommy Udo (Widmark). While he's out Nick is reunited with his little girls who have been in an orphanage after the suicide of their mother. Nick also meets Nettie, who used to babysit for the little girls. Nettie has loved Nick since that time and they marry. Nick gets a taste of a normal life and he likes it.  The plan unravels when Udo beats the rap on the A.D.A.'s case and Nick is marked as a squealer. In order to have everyone get what they want, Nick must take things into his own hands to protect his family.

Widmark's performance is chilling and shocked the 1947 audience for Udo's violence. His maniacal laugh became his trade mark. In an interview, he stated the laugh came out when he forgot or blew his lines.

Ignore the fact that over the 3-5 year story timeline, Nick's girls never age. It's a suspenseful story with a thrilling showdown between Nick and Tommy Udo.

Edumacate me. What's your favorite K movie?


  1. I just watched KISS OF DEATH yesterday (twice!)-- I've seen it before but it is such an amazing film.
    Often called a film noir, it's probably not. No femme fatale.

    Some real Film Noir gem's starting with K;


    You can't go wrong with any of 'em.