Friday, June 3, 2011

The Friday Five

We had some wicked weather on Wednesday. Three confirmed tornadoes touched down in Springfield, Sturbridge, and Monson, MA. Tornadoes are an unusual event for New England. We've had them maybe once in a generation (the 1953 Worcester tornado). Hurricanes, blizzards, Nor'easters are the usual norm for New England weather. Not tornadoes and not three in one afternoon. The video shows the tornado moving from West Springfield, MA across the Connecticut River by the Memorial Bridge. The storm then moves through the downtown area of Springfield.

1. Hail pellets beating the cars woke me up from a nap. I was never worried about hail until last summer when golf ball sized hail punched holes through the porch roof.

2. I went to the sunroom and turned on the afternoon news. Was shocked to see the tornado footage live from Springfield. It looked like some sort of movie special effect.

3. I was very grateful that we were all home, especially The Eldest. The town where her college is located had some severe damage.

4. For awhile, we watched the thunderstorm from the sun room. There were incredible displays of lightning.  I love watching lightning fork across the sky and feeling the reverberating boom of thunder. The hail and downpours increased and it became evident that watching the storm and the news from the glass box wasn't a safe idea.

5. The Young One grabbed Ink, and  we all trooped downstairs and watched events unfold on television.  I'm glad we have a basement and I'm glad we were all together and safe. Thoughts and prayers go out to those in the effected areas not that far away from our snug bunker. But for the grace of God.

Have you ever seen a tornado?


  1. Yep, up close and personal on more than one occasion.

    Glad you are all safe. What a wild weather year we're having in this country.

  2. Only with old lady's riding bicycle's in the middle of them on TV.

    We were in Iowa last year and hoped to see something, someday I'd like to storm chase.

  3. It's been a terrible year for tornadoes. I'm so glad you all are safe. And yes, I have seen tornadoes--I'm in the midwest. When we lived right off Lake Erie, we would see water twisters. What a creepy sight!

  4. All too often. I take them very seriously. My hometown has been hit three times in just my lifetime. They are powerful and not to be taunted. One destroyed the entire area across the street from my work and left everything else in tact.

    The one last week in Minneapolis and Fridley went right over our old home and both our good friend and my aunt and uncle heard "the trains" and thought for sure they would lose the house. My friend Joey escaped with minor damage and downed trees, but a house next to her lost the roof.

    Let's just say, Miss Lydia, who won't go downstairs, has been quickly trained. Although I THINK I'll take threat of tornado over hurricane? Not sure, still thinking about it. I'm pretty prepared in the basement. Change of clothes, extra food for me and the dogs and lots of extra water. (On top of the radios, flashlights, etc.)