Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Night at the Movies - A to Z

This week's pick The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence.  Jimmy Stewart as newly minted lawyer, Ransom Stoddard comes to the West to bring law and order with his law books. Before Stoddard even steps foot in Shinbone, he meets the silver handled whip of the terror of the territory, Liberty Valence (Lee Marvin). Tom Doniphon (John Wayne) the only person in Shinbone able to stand up to Valence comes to the aid of the young lawyer.

The territory is up for statehood and an election is to be held to choose two representatives to attend a convention at the territorial capital. Valence tries to bully the townsfolk into picking him. Stoddard and the publisher and editor of the local newspaper are chosen. Valence viciously attacks the editor and calls Stoddard out to a shoot out. A legend is born, but who is the man who shot Liberty Valence?

What's your pick for me this week?

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