Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Night at the Movies - A to Z

The Long Ships begins with Rolfe (Richard Widmark), a shipwrecked Viking trying to make his way home. He tells stories and legends especially about a bell called The Mother of Voices. The bell is made of solid gold and is as tall as three tall men. Rolfe's story attracts the attention of Ali Mansuh (Sidney Poitier), a Moorish prince who is obsessed with finding the bell. Imprisoned in the prince's tower and threatened with torture unless he tells where the bell is, Rolfe makes a daring escape and returns home. His hope is to obtain another ship and crew to go after the bell. The only ship available is the king's death ship. Rolfe and his brother Orm (Russ Tamblyn) steal the ship and kidnap the king's daughter as insurance.  Another shipwreck, captured by Mansuh, a mutinous crew, and chased across the seas by the Viking king, will Rolfe live long enough to find the bell?

Real life best friends, Widmark and Poitier play off each other well. Make some popcorn for this action packed Viking saga. The opening titles are worth the price of admission. Too bad, Widmark wasn't allowed to narrate the opening sequence.

Edumacate me. What's your favorite movie starting with the letter L?


  1. The first that came to mind was, Little Women. I like several of the versions. My dad gave me the book when I was a child and I was hooked.