Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Night at the Movies - A to Z

Richard Widmark plays tough drill sergeant Thorne Ryan in Take the High Ground. Taken from the field during the Korean War, Ryan's duty is to turn rag tag civilians into fighting men. He's good at his job, too good and his requests for transfer back to the battlefield go nowhere. Real life buddy, Karl Malden, plays Ryan's buddy, Sgt. LaVerne Holt. Holt has his hands full trying to keep Ryan from killing the recruits. All goes well until the sergeants fall for the same girl.

I was 8 years old when I first saw Take the High Ground. In the middle of my Combat phase crawling through the dirt and bushes in my back yard with Himself, this movie was right down my alley. Richard Widmark became my number one hero and this clip is my favorite scene from the movie.

What's your favorite movie that starts with the letter T? Who's your favorite movie hero?


  1. TWISTER is a guilty T-Movie pleasure for me-- bad movie that is just fun to kick off the summer with. Take the Money and Run is one of my favorite Woody Allen films-- and of course- TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT which is the film that introduced Bogie to Bacall and the two fell in love during the filming and were eventually married, despite the 25 year age difference.

    Favorite movie hero...hmmm. Indiana Jones, but he let me down with the fourth film in the series.

  2. My favorite Indiana Jones was the third movie, The Last Crusade. We started calling the last movie he did Grandpa Jones.

  3. Okay, admit it--you and Himself still shimmy on the ground in fake combat every now and then, don't you? :)

    I haven't seen that movie--I'll keep note of it!

  4. The Train Robbers...or Trouble Along the Way. Love it that JW is named Steven Aloysius Williams in TATW.