Saturday, May 23, 2015


usually have me hitting the high notes, but not when they arrive as mail art. Mail artist, Finnbadger, recently sent me a hand-made envelope with brightly colored beetles. I especially love iridescent blue and greens on the back of the envelope.

He even used bug stamps to complete the theme. How fun is that? Finn's postal clerks must have liked the stamps, too,because they are not cancelled. The cancellation mark is on the back of the envelope. Though it does look like someone took a pen and drew a line across the two stamps. I thought each stamp had to be cancelled, but maybe a pen line counts.

Visit Finnbadger's blog, Envelope 100, to see more of his creative use of paper and stamps. The Tucker Tuesday series is hilarious.


  1. I decided to splurge on those stamps to go with the envelopes, glad they turned out to be bugs that you liked.

    Yes, stamps are supposed to be canceled, however sometimes the automated machines miss them, and then often the postal workers at some point cancel them with a pen. Kinda ugly compared with a rubber stamp, but not much you can do about that, other than consider standing in line at the PO to have them hand canceled, which can be time consuming, and requires the goodwill of a nice postal clerk sometimes as this slows them down and some do not like doing it.

    At least it is a thin pen line, and not the ugly thick black sharpie. I hardly noticed the line at first.

    1. The advantage to living in small, rural town, is the postal clerks don't mind hand cancelling envelopes though I make sure I'm not there when the rush is on. Thanks for splurging on the stamps. I appreciate the extra mile.

  2. I love it! Much better than the stamps. I'll toddle over to his blog.

  3. Oh wow! That is fantastic! I love it!

  4. Cool! Clicking the link now...... :)