Friday, May 1, 2015

The Friday Five Good Things

Five good things that happened this week

1. After attending a wake, we stopped for dinner at Bertucci's. I had Rigatoni Abruzzi, rigatoni and sausage. I love Italian sausage. I usually don't cook sausage at home because The Eldest doesn't like it. When I eat out, I like to order things I don't eat when home. I also had a side of Tums.

2. Eating out means awesome lunch the next day. And Tums for dessert 

3. Stopped at the library to re-instate my library card. Had no clue a library card expires after two years until I went online to log in. Celebrated by downloading an e-book.

4. Himself's 5pm - 11 pm class ended early, and he was home by 10 pm. I didn't have to stay up until midnight to wait for him.

5. The Eldest is working at a temporary assignment. The job was supposed to end a week from today, but the assignment has been extended another month. Fingers crossed that she will get an offer for full time employment with benefits.

How was your week?

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