Tuesday, April 19, 2016

His Latest Project

We've been eating a lot of veggies and salad lately so it probably seemed logical for Himself to announce he wanted to grow veggies this Summer. I reminded him, we've been down this road before especially when the girlies were little. There's the initial excitement of tilling soil, planting seedlings, and then no one wants to weed the garden.

As an aside, gardening is not an activity I enjoy. I enjoy flowers and seeing green things, but hate to put my hands in the dirt. Let me get my hands dirty with paint, ink, and glue. No problem. But gardening, nope.

He assured me this time would be different. Unh-huh. He heard about planting in straw bales. Prepare the bales with fertilizer, plant your seedlings, and ta-da, veggies but no weeds. Unh-huh.

He bought some straw bales. Determined the best spot for sun most of the day was by the sunroom, and prepared the bales with fertilizer.

A month or so ago, Himself had started seedlings in a cold frame. The weather didn't cooperate with his plans. Temps plummeted, it snowed, and the little green things froze. Not sure if he planted more seeds in the little green house or whether he will buy seedlings already started. Stay tuned.

Have you heard of straw bale gardening?