Thursday, January 28, 2010

Writing Desk

In an attempt to get out of CHAOS (Can't have anyone over syndrome, coined by Flylady), I've been slowly chipping away cleaning the basement/playroom/studio. This is the area in my home where I work and also the area where crap is tossed to get it out from other areas of the house. A good portion of the junk is mine. I don't always put my toys away when I'm done. I can overlook the clutter for only so long. Today was the day the Spirit said to move so I cleaned off the writing desk. This is the set up where I address invitations. I make a template of the envelope, put the template on the lightbox, envelope on top and away I go. The Slinkys function as a drying rack. They stretch across the top shelf and attach with cup hooks. Slinky is for envelopes and Slinky Jr. for escort, table cards or other small items.

I also started cleaning off the drafting table. This is to the left and perpendicular to the writing table. I still have miles to go, but the place didn't get wrecked in one day and won't get cleaned in one either. I've been so bogged down with the clutter both physical and mental that I've lost the creative spark. I can feel a little flicker of creativity just seeing a clean work area with room to actually work.

What's your workstation like? Do you like to work amid clutter or do you need open, clean spaces?


  1. I'm impressed. You go girl. Reclaim what's yours!

  2. Nice work space!

    I always think I'm going to be tidy because I'm a Type A--but my work space is the ONE place that gets super cluttered. Go figure.

  3. Georgiana, I think clutter is the sign of a creative mind. We're just so busy creating we don't put our toys away

  4. I can't work in clutter because I use it as an excuse to procratinate.

  5. It looks great! I write on my laptop at the kitchen table. Yeah, we eat at the bar. :)