Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wed Letter Day

Another go at the brush. This time a flat brush, walnut ink and while the ink was still wet, I dropped in some Dr. Ph Martin gold ink. The ink acts like a resist, and the shine gives the letter a diamond in the rough appearance.

So, do you say "aitch" or "haitch"?


  1. That is very cool looking.

    And I've never seen the letter H spelled out before. Guess I would say it the first way, without the H.

  2. I'd have to say the first way. I like your H--reminds me of a rustic fencepost in the old west.

  3. I say aitch. :)

    And G's right, it looks very rustic and fence-posty. :)

  4. I'm glad "rough" triggered a "rustic" and "old west" response. I was going for "Heathy."