Friday, August 26, 2011

The Friday Five

Five things I will accomplish when pigs fly:

1. I won't just eat the crackers at parties or open houses. I will also eat the cheese and savor every bite.

2. I will cheerfully do the grocery shopping at Market Basket.

3. Pink will be the new blue and will become my signature color.

4. I will own a dog.

5. I will wear lots of lace and ruffles. (Maybe not when I'm working with paint or ink.)

Don't you just love the piggy bank pic? My Iowa friend saw it on a trip to Germany last year. When pigs fly, I will take a trip to Germany to buy it. What will you do when pigs fly?


  1. I DO love the piggy bank! It's very elegant for a flying pig.

    What will I do when pigs fly? Stop eating M&M's. They're like my life-blood! Have a fab weekend!

  2. I Love that bank! Want! Want!

    I will eat something that lived in the sea...and I will like it. When Pigs Fly!