Sunday, July 1, 2012

WAM-tastic Opportunity

I'm the little bird you've heard tell about. I'm here to tell you about a WAM-tastic opportunity.

In recent years, hard financial times and budget cuts forced the Worcester Art Museum to close the magnificent, bronze doors at the museum's Salisbury St. entrance. WAM director, Matthias Waschek, started a campaign to raise money to open the doors. Through the generous donations, large and small, the goal was reached. To celebrate, starting today and through the months of July and August, admission to the Worcester Art Museum will be free during gallery hours. Yes, you read that correctly. Free! And you'll be able to enter the museum through the main doors.

I know what you're thinking. Worcester has an art museum? How could there be culture past Route 128? On a map, the edge of the earth (anything west of Route 128) is marked Hic sunt draconis, Here There Be Dragons. That was my thought, too. I grew up close to Boston. Went to school in Boston. If someone said "museum", I immediately thought of the MFA or the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum. When I moved to the Worcester area some twenty odd years ago, I was pleasantly surprised to find Worcester is a seat of culture, and its crown jewel is the Worcester Art Museum. 

Don't just take my word for it. Come and see for yourself. (From Boston, Worcester is only an hour away.) Take advantage of the free admission during July and August. Make a day of it. Beat the heat in the climate-controlled galleries, be inspired by the works of art, have lunch in the museum café, and stop by the gift shop for art-inspired gifts. 

And then come back. The museum isn't static. It's alive and always changing.  There are always new exhibits. Be sure to stop by the Education Desk to find out about the wide selection of classes for children and adults (like calligraphy! (-;  ). 

 I saw a poster online: Remember the Earth is just eh without Art. See you at the museum!

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